About Us

#VetsWhoCode is a Non-For Profit where veterans teach veterans how to program and get jobs.

Who We Are

Launched in 2014, Vets Who Code is a non-profit dedicated to filling the nations technical skills gap with America’s best. In order to close the digital talent gap, ease career transition for military veterans, and give military spouses skills to provide stability, we connect and train veterans remotely in web development as they move to support their families. We believe that those who serve in uniform can be the digital economy’s most productive and innovative. Vets Who Code prepares veterans to enter the civilian work force with tangible skills for new careers.

Vets Who Code is a reintegration solution for veterans who believe in the principle of "To Teach a Man To Fish" to better prepare early-stage transitioning veterans who are returning to the workforce. Many veterans are un- and under-employed. Some have a deep desire to be independent business owners. Their skill sets are desperately needed to enhance local economies and drive innovation. Vets Who Code serves as a launch pad for our veterans and military spouses.

What We Do

At Vets Who Code, we take a small cohort of veterans and spouses twice a year and train them in programming with a deep focus on JavaScript, the language of the web, over the course of sixteen weeks. We do this all remotely using the best tools and resources the tech community has to offer. In addition to contributing and helping each other become better programmers, we do this at zero cost.

How We Do This

How we accomplish this mission is through a process of Crawl, Walk, Run where we build upon each lesson in deeper dives so that veterans become better programmers through each iteration. Instructors leading the program are also veterans, programmers, and alumni of the program. There are no excuses, the instructor has been through every success and failure you will experience and has ultimately succeeded on the path of becoming a paid programmer.


As our country is going through this unprecedented time with COVID-19, people are wanting to learn the skills of today and tomorrow to future-proof themselves, in order to provide for their families. Due to the nature of for-profit coding schools, many are now learning to work remotely, which we have been doing for years. As a result, we are having an unprecedented amount of applicants and are looking to expand our abilities to support more teams. Help us by making a tax-deductible so that not only can we continue the work we are doing for our troops now, but expand our capabilities to help even more veterans and military spouses on the journey of becoming programmers.

Help Us Teach More Veterans How To Code