Board of Directors

Amanda Casari

Google Cloud

Leads a research and engineering team as part of the Google Open Source Programs Office.

Chris M. Christi

Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies

Securing mission critical data wherever it resides through access controls, encryption and key management.

Tal Clark

CEO CoFlyt

Experienced Business Executive and Sales Leader with a demonstrated history of developing successful businesses and solutions across multiple industries. Currently serving as CEO of CoFlyt.

Ela Emami

University of Memphis

Ela has an MBA and a degree in Psychology and over 20 years of experience working with aging individuals and their families and teaches at the University of Memphis

Paul Ford


Founder of Postlight with co-founder Rich Ziade. Postlight is middle-market firm focused on digital strategy. Defines, designs, and delivers digital platforms for clients like Vice News, the Obama Foundation, the NYC MTA, the Audubon Society, and dozens of others.

Andre Gibson

Shelby County Government

Resourceful strategist with executive experience in project management, diversity & sustainability initiatives, civics & urban planning, and nonprofit operations & governance.

Brian Holt


Passionate about the web, its reach, and how to create amazing experiences delivered in sub-second speeds. Worked on the highest trafficked websites in the world with Microsoft, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Jon Korneliussen

USAR/US Army Corps Of Engineers

A dedicated engineer consistently recruited for the toughest projects. Proven experience leading planning, project development, construction, operations, logistics, and public relations worldwide.

Anna Lee

Director Of User Experience at Ryan

Boston-based product designer with a background in research and front-end web development.

Christina Morillo


Christina Morillo is an information security, enterprise identity professional, and technical product manager. She has worked for companies like Morgan Stanley, Fitch Ratings, AllianceBernstein, and currently Microsoft.

Rachel Polish


Rachel is passionate about giving back to my community and her country. Much of her free time is dedicated to mentoring and helping others.

Alex Reyes


Adept talent acquisition professional with 14+ years of experience with a passion for moving people from point A to B in their careers. Currently serving as a Technical Sourcer focused on the recruitment of Senior Engineers at Facebook.

Zed Shaw

Shavian Publishing

Author of Learn Python The Hard Way, Learn Python 3 The Hard Way, Learn C The Hard Way, Learn Ruby The Hard Way, and soon to be published, Learn More Python The Hard Way.

Kyle Shevlin


Kyle is also well-known in the industry for teaching people web development through blogs, conference talks, meetups, and livestreaming on Twitch.

Maxim Thorne

Managing Director at The Andrew Goodman Foundation

Maxim Thorne is a philanthropist, lawyer, motivational speaker and consultant in philanthropy and social enterprise, communication and leadership. He is committed to leveling the bench and credits his seminar and students of Philanthropy in Action at Yale for his innovative social enterprise, which he founded in 2014.

Ken Wheeler

Citadel Securities

Software Developer with over a decade of experience in creating web applications for large clients. I’ve spent a large amount of my career working in e-commerce, custom enterprise application development and more recently, the fintech space. I primarily work in Javascript, but I’m comfortable and productive in several languages.

Caree Youngman


Software Engineering Manager with a heavy background in front end development and a passion for bringing teams together.

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