While we are proud of all the veterans we have helped at #VetsWhoCode, here are just a few of our incredible success stories.

Schuster Braun

"#VetsWhoCode on paper is a web development boot camp. In my opinion it is the best transition assistance program out there. I am so grateful for the access to a new life the boot camp gave me."
- Schuster Braun, US Navy | Front End Engineer, Amazon Web Services

John Garcia

"VWC helped me gain the technical knowledge I needed in order to get the attention of employers. The guidance, support and experience I had going through the program continues to help me in my role as a full time web developer."
- John Garcia, US Air Force | Front End Engineer, ForUsAll

Carla Kroll

"The course was great! I laughed, I learned, I got mad, I got excited...then mad again. But in the end, I've developed skills that have helped me become a successful frontend developer in Chicago and have found a group of people in VWC that understand me, and we really work and grow together better than anything I could have imagined."
- Carla Kroll, US Air Force | Frontend Developer, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

Osvaldo Vargas

"During my transition, I have signed up for and utilized services from over 14 different Non-Profits, Corporate, and State resources. I attended all three US Army military transition tracks (Business, Education, Career), been a part of a variety of technology training programs and transition programs. Of all of these programs, only three have made a significant contribution to my transition, and of these three organizations, only one has truly changed my life for the better. Vets Who Code delivered more value to me than 12 of the non-profits combined."
-Osvaldo "Ozzie" Vargas, US Army | Fullstack Developer, Application Lead, Novetta

Jeff Martin

"#VetsWhoCode's tenacious focus on language and computer science fundamentals over frameworks was invaluable in my career transition from being a Radiology Technician in the US Army to building cloud scale infrastructure at Microsoft. The coaching from the #VetsWhoCode’s talented and passionate mentor network proved to be a priceless asset even after graduating. Come ready to learn and you will succeed here."
- Jeff Martin, US Army | DevOps Engineer, Microsoft/Github

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